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How to Clean Fabric Blinds?

When you want a combination of privacy and upscale looks, fabric blinds are an excellent option. To add some flair to your home, you may have them modified by colour or pattern to match the decor. Yet, one of the biggest complaints about cloth blinds is how difficult it is to keep them clean and maintained. The beauty and style that fabric blinds provide to a space can’t be denied, but they do need regular upkeep to stay looking good. Our Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane’s Expert curtain cleaners provide you with an easy-to-follow guide in this blog post on how to clean fabric blinds. Learn each step carefully and follow them to get drastic results. 

How to Clean Fabric Blinds

How To Clean Fabric Blinds?

1.     Collect the Required Materials:

Make aware you have these supplies on hand before beginning to clean fabric blinds:

  • Vacuum with an attachment for a brush
  • Cloth cleanser or mild detergent
  • Warm water
  • lint-free, spotless cloths or microfiber hand towels
  • Bucket
  • A soft brush or a sponge

2.     Dust and debris removal:

Start by clearing the fabric blinds of any stray dust and debris. Use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to gently suck the debris away. Make sure to cover the whole area of the blinds as you make your way down from the top. The initial step is to remove as much dust as you can. Flip the blinds over and clean the opposite side after finishing the first side. Because too much force can harm the blinds, gently vacuum or wipe them. Make large, sweeping strokes from top to bottom, levelling the blinds by holding them.

3.     Make the cleaning solution:

Fill the bucket with two cups of warm water. To create your cleaning solution, squeeze some dishwashing liquid in. Do not use more than 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. To make the mixture identical, stir in the water or soap.

4.     Clean-Up the Stains:

Focus on checking the blinds for stains after you’ve finished dusting them. Make a mental note of these spots, then begin to spot-clean each one one at a time. Before performing a thorough cleaning, it is crucial to spot clean any stains you find on the fabric blinds. In a bucket, combine warm water with a small amount of mild detergent or textile enhancer. Gently dab the stains with a clean cloth or sponge after dipping them in the solution. Avoid rubbing too hard because doing so could harm the fabric. Repeat the process, periodically rinsing the sponge or cloth, until the spots are removed. To get rid of such difficult stains, you can even spray some baking soda on top of the stained area. After a while, dip a different microfiber cloth in normal water and squeeze out the extra. To avoid discolouration, wash the spot-cleaned area with a damp towel.

5.     Deep Cleaning the Blinds:

Fill a sink with warm water and a tiny amount of a gentle detergent or fabric cleanser to thoroughly clean fabric blinds. Put the blinds in the detergent-based water, then gently agitate them. Make sure all surfaces are cleansed by swishing the blinds with your hands. Give the blinds some time to soak. After that, drain the dirty water and add fresh, warm water to the washbasin or basin. Move the blinds over in the clean water to give them a good rinse. Rinse repeatedly until the soap is completely gone and the water is clear.

6.     Dry the blinds and rehang them:

After cleaning, gently press the fabric blinds to remove any extra water. Do not twist or wring them as this could harm them. A clean, dry towel should be laid flat on top of the blinds. Roll the towel up while gently pushing to absorb additional moisture. After you’ve mostly dried the water off, hang the textile blinds where they belong and let them air dry entirely. Before closing or using them, make sure they are completely dry to avoid any possible damage.


In this blog post, we discussed how to clean fabric blinds. We hope this blog is beneficial to you. Additionally, you may wash the frame of the window, window sill, etc. while you’re at it to improve the appearance of the entire area. Regular cleaning is necessary for fabric blinds to remain attractive and last a long time. You can maintain the clean, fresh, and lovely appearance of your fabric blinds by following these easy instructions. Don’t forget to clean the blinds at least once every few months, or more often if necessary.

Curtains are ideal for keeping dust out of your space. Even when the windows and doors are open, the curtains function as a barrier against airborne pollutants. However, sometimes closing them fully would not only prevent fresh air from entering your house but also they will suffocate inside. They add character and warmth to any room, and they can transform a space from drab to fab. Often, for some reason, curtains are often overlooked in homes. Some people don’t clean them. This may lead to a build-up of dirt, dust, trash, germs and other allergens. Well, you can keep them fresh and clean. Regular curtain cleaning will absolutely help in maintaining the cleanliness of your curtains. To get this benefit, it is obvious that you may need professional curtain cleaning services. In this blog post, we will explore why professional curtain cleaning is worth the investment?.

Why Professional Curtain Cleaning Is Worth The Investment

Is Professional Curtain Cleaning Worth the Investment?

The actual importance of professional curtain cleaning is worth every penny you pay to a certified and licenced curtain cleaning company. Check these points to satisfy your thoughts. 

1. Professional cleaning ensures a thorough clean

People do frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning but at times it is not enough to tackle all the stains on your curtains. Many times, home remedies for curtain cleaning can not eliminate deep-seated grime and dust. Professional curtain cleaners have the equipment and expertise to provide a thorough cleaning that removes all traces of dirt & dust. They use specialized cleaning solutions that are safe for your curtains and leave them looking and smelling fresh.

2. Add more years to the life of your curtains

Curtains are one of the huge investments in your house, and you want them to last as long as possible. Regular expert curtain cleaning can help maintain the quality of your curtains, but professional cleaning takes it to the next level. Professional cleaners use gentle cleaning methods that do not damage the fabric or any embellishments. This will help in extending the durability of your curtains. 

3. Remove ineradicable allergens

Curtains can accumulate allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen. These allergies may cause respiratory issues. This may lead to serious health issues, specifically in people who have allergies or asthma. Professional curtain cleaning services use specialized equipment and solutions that effectively remove allergens from your curtains. This will help in improving indoor air quality. You can also reduce the risk of respiratory problems around curtains by hiring specialists.

4. Save time and effort

Cleaning curtains, especially large or heavy curtains, may be time-consuming. This will be a labour-intensive process and naive people can not do it by themselves without any knowledge and equipment. Professional curtain cleaning services can take the hassle out of cleaning your curtains. They come to your home, remove the curtains, clean them, and then rehang them. This saves you time and effort and ensures that your curtains are cleaned properly.

5. Forget about the replacement for many years

While professional curtain cleaning services may seem expensive, they are actually cost-effective in the long run. Regular curtain washing can help keep your curtains clean, but it may not be enough to eliminate deep-seated grime and dust. This can lead to the need for more frequent replacement of your curtains, which can be costly. A professional curtain cleaning will expand the life of your curtains. This will save you money in a long time period.

6. Professional cleaning improves the appearance of your home

Clean curtains can transform the look and feel of a room. They add character and warmth to any space and can make a room feel more inviting. Professional curtain cleaning services ensure that your curtains look their best, which improves the appearance of your home.


Professional curtain cleaning is worth the investment. It ensures a complete clean, increases the life of your curtains, removes allergies, saves time and work, is cost-effective, and enhances the aesthetic of your house. You can ensure that your curtains will look their best for years to come. So it is better you keep your curtains fresh by investing in expert curtain cleaning services.

Curtains are an important part of any room’s décor. They provide privacy, block out light and add colour and texture to your home. However, curtains are also prone to getting dirty and dusty over time. This can make them look unattractive and also impact the air quality in your home. While cleaning curtains can seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can clean your curtains while they are still hanging in place. In this blog post our professional curtain cleaners will walk you through the steps How to clean curtains while hanging?

How to Clean Curtains While Hanging

Step 1: Check the Care Label

Before you start cleaning your curtains, it is important to check the care label. The care label will tell you what type of fabric your curtains are made of, and how to clean them. Most curtains can be safely cleaned while hanging, but some delicate fabrics may need to be taken down and washed separately. If the care label recommends a dry clean only, it is best to take your curtains to a professional cleaner.

Step 2: Vacuum the Curtains

The first step in cleaning your curtains while hanging them is to vacuum them. Use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently remove any dust, dirt, or pet hair from the surface of the curtains. Start at the top of the curtains and work your way down, being careful not to damage the fabric.

Step 3: Spot Clean Stains

If there are any stains on your curtains, it is important to spot-clean them before you begin a deep clean. Use a clean, damp cloth to blot the stain, being careful not to rub the fabric. If the stain is stubborn, you can use a fabric cleaner or mild detergent to remove it. Be sure to test the cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t damage the fabric.

Step 4: Use a Fabric Freshener

If your curtains have a musty or stale smell, you can freshen them up with a fabric freshener. Simply spray the fabric freshener onto the curtains, being careful not to saturate the fabric. Allow the curtains to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 5: Steam Clean the Curtains

The next step in cleaning your curtains while hanging is to steam clean them. A handheld steam cleaner is the best tool for this job, as it will allow you to reach every part of the curtains. Hold the steamer about six inches away from the fabric and move it up and down, starting at the top of the curtains and working your way down. Be sure to use a low to medium heat setting, as high heat can damage some fabrics.

Step 6: Dry the Curtains

After you have steam cleaned your curtains, it is important to let them dry completely. You can open windows or use a fan to speed up the drying process. Once the curtains are dry, you can give them a final vacuum to remove any remaining dust or dirt.

In conclusion, How to clean curtains while hanging? is a simple and effective way to keep them looking clean and fresh. By following these six steps, you can easily remove dust, dirt, and stains from your curtains, and make them look as good as new. Remember to always check the care label before you begin, and to use gentle cleaning methods to avoid damaging the fabric. With a little care and attention, your curtains will continue to provide style and function to your home for years to come.

Why Hire Professionals?

Firstly, professionals have the knowledge and expertise to handle different types of fabrics, ensuring that your curtains are cleaned safely without causing damage. Additionally, professional cleaners use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions that effectively remove dirt and stains, leaving your curtains fresh and revitalized.

Another advantage of hiring professionals for curtain cleaning is that they can save you time and effort. Cleaning curtains can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive task, especially if you have several windows with large and heavy curtains. By outsourcing this task to professionals, you can free up your time to focus on other important activities.

Finally, hiring professional cleaners can also improve the air quality in your home. As curtains collect dust, dirt, and allergens, they can release these particles into the air when disturbed. Professional cleaning removes these particles, ensuring that the air in your home is cleaner and healthier.

Get Professional Help:

Looking for high-quality curtain cleaning services in Brisbane? Look no further than Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane! Our team of professional cleaners are highly skilled and experienced in providing top-notch curtain cleaning services that will leave your curtains looking and feeling like new. They use only the best cleaning products and equipment to ensure that your curtains are thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. So why wait? Hire our professionals today for the best services and know How to Clean Curtains While Hanging?

5 Simple Cleaning Hacks for Curtains

Curtains are an essential part of any home décor as they not only add a touch of elegance and sophistication but also serve a functional purpose by blocking out light, controlling temperature, and protecting your privacy. However, with time and frequent use, curtains can become dirty, stained, and lose their vibrant colour, leaving you with a dull and unkempt look. Cleaning curtains can be a tedious task, but with a few simple cleaning hacks, you can easily keep them looking like new. In this blog, we will discuss five simple cleaning hacks that you can use to clean your curtains and make them look their best. You can hire Curtain cleaning service experts.

Cleaning Hacks for Curtains

Here Are Five Simple Cleaning Hacks That You Can Use To Clean Your Curtains:

  1. Vacuum Cleaning: The first step in keeping your curtains clean is to remove the dust and debris that accumulates on them. Dust can cause allergies and asthma, so it’s important to clean your curtains regularly. The easiest and most effective way to do this is by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. The brush attachment will help you remove the dust without damaging the fabric. Start from the top of the curtain and work your way down, making sure to clean both sides of the fabric. You can also use the crevice tool to reach tight spaces, such as the top of the curtain rod and the corners.
  2. Spot Cleaning: Accidents happen, and sometimes you might spill food, drinks, or other substances on your curtains. It’s important to clean the stains as soon as possible to prevent them from setting in. To spot clean your curtains, mix warm water and a mild detergent in a spray bottle. Spray the solution directly onto the stain, and use a clean cloth to gently rub the fabric together to remove the stain. Repeat the process until the stain is completely removed. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the fabric. This is one of the most simple cleaning hacks for curtains. 
  3. Machine Wash: If your curtains are made of a machine-washable fabric, washing them in the washing machine is a quick and easy way to get them clean. Before washing, check the care label for specific instructions, such as the recommended water temperature, detergent, and cycle. Use a gentle cycle and hang your curtains to air dry. Avoid using a dryer, as the high heat can shrink the fabric or cause it to wrinkle. If your curtains are heavy, it’s best to wash them in small batches to avoid damaging your washing machine.
  4. Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning is a great way to remove wrinkles and disinfect your curtains. It’s also a great way to freshen up your curtains in between washes. You can use a handheld steamer or a steaming machine to do this. Start from the top of the curtain and work your way down, making sure to cover every inch of the fabric. The heat from the steamer will kill germs and bacteria and remove any musty odours. It will also help to soften the fabric, giving your curtains a fresh and clean look. This is another simple cleaning hack for curtains. 
  5. Dry Cleaning: If your curtains are made of a delicate fabric, such as silk or lace, or have intricate designs that might be damaged in a washing machine, dry cleaning is the best option. Dry cleaning is also recommended for heavily soiled or stained curtains, as it provides a thorough and deep clean. Find a reputable dry cleaner and follow their instructions for cleaning your curtains.

In conclusion, cleaning curtains is a simple and quick task if you follow these five simple cleaning hacks. Regular cleaning will keep your curtains looking like new and free of dust, stains, and odours. It will also help to extend the life of your curtains and keep your home looking beautiful and well-maintained. Remember to always follow the care label instructions and use gentle cleaning methods to avoid damaging the fabric.

Hire Professionals- Hiring professionals for curtain cleaning is recommended as they have the experience and knowledge to handle delicate fabrics, remove tough stains, and properly maintain the colour and texture of the curtains. They use the right equipment and techniques to clean the curtains thoroughly and efficiently, reducing the risk of damage. They also ensure that the curtains are cleaned thoroughly, including hard-to-reach areas and ensure a thorough clean without any residue. Hiring professionals also saves time and effort, allowing you to enjoy clean and fresh-smelling curtains without having to do the work yourself. If you live in Brisbane, you can hire the professionals at Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane and get your curtains and blinds cleaned in the best way. However, you can also try given five simple cleaning hacks to clean your curtains. Our staff have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

10 Blind Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Cleaning has never been easier for anyone in this world. Many people happily avoid it, especially when it’s about blind cleaning. People don’t bother to do blind cleaning as it is a tough job to do. But, you need to understand that blind cleaning is essential. And, it can be easier to do with some blind cleaning tips and tricks.

If you want to keep your blinds always looking like new ones, then, do regular cleaning or dusting. It will help you to prevent dirt from laying on the blinds. If you can’t do regular blind cleaning, then, you must have to do light cleaning on a regular basis. To not to clean your window blinds, the best decision you can take is to hire a professional curtain and blind cleaning company.

For making blind cleaning easier, we have brought 10 blind cleaning tips and tricks in this article. Just follow them and make it easy to maintain your blinds.

Blind Cleaning Service Tips and Tricks

Here are 10 Blind Cleaning Tips and Tricks:

  1. Use a soft cotton glove: Using a soft cotton glove for blind cleaning is recommended. Wearing it will allow you to clean the edges of the blinds properly. Make sure that the gloves you are wearing are neat and clean. Because dirt gloves can leave oil stains permanently on your blinds. Instead of using gloves, you can also prefer dryer sheets.
  2. Vacuum cleaner: Another blind cleaning tip and trick is using vacuum cleaning for vacuuming the blinds. Vacuuming is a must thing to do whether you are cleaning your home or the blinds. It will help you to prevent dirt from the blinds from laying up.
  3. Deep cleaning for metallic blinds: If you have metallic blinds, then, the recommended blind cleaning tip and trick is deep cleaning which will help to prevent dust or rust from accumulating on the blinds.
  4. Brush downwards: For cleaning the blinds properly, you need to know the proper technique of cleaning and that is brushing downward. So, brush your blinds in a downward motion.
  5. Use woolen duster: Using the woolen duster is one the best tricks in the list of blind cleaning tips and tricks, as it not only helps to clean the blinds but also enhances their looks. Don’t use any plastic duster for cleaning, it is not recommended.
  6. Clean with a rubber sponge: Using a clean rubber sponge for blind cleaning is also a good option. It will help you to remove dust efficiently from the blinds.
  7. Use cleaner indirectly: If you think that you need to use any cleaning solution, then, the recommended blind cleaning tips and trick is you should not use any cleaning solution directly on your blinds.
  8. Dry cleaning fabric blinds: If you have fabric-based blinds, then, you can prefer dry cleaning. It will be very beneficial.
  9. Avoid car wash hoses: You should avoid doing the mistake that many people do that is they use a car wash hose for blind cleaning. You should avoid using it.
  10. Clean wooden blinds carefully: If you have wooden blinds, then, be careful while cleaning and avoid dripping them into water.

How Not To Clean Your Windows Blinds?

Windows blinds are one of the things in our home which gets dirtier very easily. And, no doubt, you don’t think too much about your window blinds, but your window blinds are important. Not only does it filter the air but also gives a beautiful look to your home. Dirty window blinds can also lead to health issues. Not only that but also your guests coming to your home will not feel comfortable or like it. It will impact your impression badly. Dirty window blinds can make your home look very uninviting and also sunlight or fresh air will be blocked. So, window blind cleaning is essential. But on the other side, you have to also know how not to clean your window blinds.

There are many windows cleaning services available that you can prefer for cleaning your windows or blinds. Hiring windows cleaning services will lead you not to clean your window blinds safely. As they are very trained for the job and they know how to maintain or handle all kinds of crucial conditions that arise while doing window cleaning. If you do or try to clean window blinds on your own, then, it’s going to be very difficult for you to restore your blinds. But, still, there are some ways to avoid not cleaning your window blinds.

  • For keeping the blinds in good condition, you need to avoid cleaning your home windows during the daytime as due to sunlight all the cleaning solutions get dried up quickly. So, for window cleaning, you should wait until the outdoor temperature decreases. 
  • For window blind cleaning, you should not use newspapers to clean your windows. As it contains a lot of chemicals or ink which make your windows or hands dirtier and ultimately your binds will also get dirtier.
  • If you want situations like not to clean your window blinds, then, it would be better if you avoid using any chemical for window cleaning. Instead of cleaning your windows, it attracts more dirt and also avoids using any ordinary water as ordinary water leaves streaky spots behind on the windows that look very bad.

For not to clean your windows blinds, you need to keep your windows clean first and for that keep in mind all the above things which we have discussed till now. In this article, follow our tips to keep your windows & blinds clean. For better results, we are still recommending hiring professional windows cleaning services. 

Professionals have lots of expertise tools or solutions that work very efficiently in window cleaning. With their skills, they will make your windows clean, spotless, and sparkling like a new one. Not only that they will also save you time and effort. 


So, these are the blind cleaning tips and tricks which you need to follow to keep your blinds clean and last long. Our company Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane expert have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

There’s no denying that curtains make a room seem more finished and polished. They may brighten your day and help you relax, as well as shelter you from the sun and offer you some privacy. However, after some time, any curtain material will get soiled, faded, and even odorous. As a result, curtains must be well-cared for and maintained by being cleaned on a regular basis. If you want your drapes and curtains to endure a long time and look wonderful, you must provide them with the proper maintenance. Even if you pick the best fabric and have it produced to the correct length and colour, your curtains will grow dirty and lose their newness with time. This restriction applies to all window coverings, including curtains and blinds. We appreciate the time and attention you put into picking the ideal curtains for your home, and we’d want to help you keep them in good condition. To maintain your curtains like brand-new, go through the tips to make your curtains look brand new. 

curtains cleaning services

How to Care for Your Curtains?

Here are some curtain care tips to help your curtains last longer, including how to clean curtains, deep clean curtains, clean curtains at home, how often to wash curtains, clean curtains while hanging, and clean curtains without washing.

  • Avoid spending as much time in the sun as possible

The colours of curtains may fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight. Because of how light interacts with light, curtains made of a light colour fabric will not fade as rapidly as those made of dark colour fabric. Draw your curtains back or up during the day to delay their fading. If your curtains are made of transparent material or are designed to stay closed, reject this advice. To protect the draperies from direct sunlight, use blinds or shades. Wood blinds are a wise investment since they look great and are made to endure. Businesses that sell wood blinds to customers are likely to see this feature as a bonus.

  • Check that the curtains are the correct size

The optimum curtain length will reduce dust and debris collection. If they are too long, they will collect dirt from the floor or will be stomped on by your family or pets. Tugging on drapes that are too long may cause damage to the curtain track or curtain rods.

What Should The Length of Window Curtains Be?

Short curtains should be just at or slightly below the bottom window frame. Curtains should extend a few feet above the floor. Curtains that hang just above the floor are ideal.

Remember to only do this in a seldom-used room if you want your curtains to pool at the base of your windows. It’s a beneficial tip to make your curtains look brand new. 

  • Regular vacuuming is required to keep your draperies clean.

Dust accumulates on curtains over time, discolouring lighter textiles. If you vacuum your curtains once a month, they will be a lot easier to keep. Use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum to remove the most debris and dust from your house.

Before washing the drapes, remove any decorations or loose trims that may be removed. You should attempt to get rid of them, but if that fail, at least vacuum around them.

  • Please read the Guidelines carefully.

You can be certain that your store-bought, ready-made curtains come with care instructions. Curtains should be dry-washed if the care label specifies. If the labels say they can be washed in a washing machine, you can do it at home.

If you put dry-clean only curtains in the washing machine, they will most likely shrink or become worthless. These are the two worst-case scenarios, and both will make your curtains unusable.

  • Don’t Take Any Chances, Have Those Drapes Dry Cleaned!

Cleaning curtains is an essential part of curtain care. If you don’t know how to wash your curtains, get them dry-cleaned. Rather than taking a risk with store-bought sprays, have a professional clean your curtains.

Lined curtains should not be washed in the washing machine. It is conceivable that the curtain and liner may shrink at different speeds.

  • Machine wash on its own

To prevent causing damage to the drapes, only wash them if the care label says so. If your curtains are machine-washable, only wash them when you have a full load. Don’t load your drapes with excess clothes or other items. If you do this, any unwanted colouring on your drapes will be removed. Reading the instructions given is the best way to guarantee that your curtains come out of the washing machine looking brand new.

Before washing the curtains, make sure the fabric has been preshrinking. Make careful to remove your rings before putting them in the washer. Wash them in cold water with a mild detergent to avoid shrinking. This is an important step in maintaining the condition of your curtains. It’s good tips to make your curtains look brand new. 

  • Use gentle detergents to clean.

It is important to use gentle detergents while washing curtains, particularly if you must do it by hand or in the washing machine. Take notice of the care label and wash the item according to the instructions. Because of this, your curtains will keep their softness and lifespan.

  • Tumble-drying the curtains is not recommended.

Depending on the weather, curtains may be air-dried naturally either indoors or outdoors. Even if your curtains are made of strong materials, tumble drying them may damage them. You may wring out your curtains instead of using a dryer to eliminate extra moisture. After that, you may let them drip dry. Thicker fabrics may be ironed at a low temperature after drying. Please do not burn them!

  • Clean Your Window Treatments Using Steam

Steam cleaning is the most efficient approach for keeping drapes and curtains clean while they are still in use. Steam washing your curtains is advised since it removes any bacteria or odours that may have remained after a normal wash. If you are unsure about your ability to steam clean your curtains at home, you should call Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane professionals for get better services.


Curtains should be seen as an investment since you will most likely use them for many years. Regular care and cleaning at home are required to preserve the value of your curtain purchase. We hope you found these tips to make your curtains look brand new and attractive useful; then consider them surely.

Five Things You Should Know About Curtain Cleaning

Curtain cleaning is an important aspect of every house. Curtains cost a lot and can be vulnerable to dust and stains as they are exposed to the outer atmosphere. Uncleaned curtains can cause a lot of problems related to health and the atmosphere as well. They must be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid any sort of damage to curtains. The dust and allergens easily get accumulated on the curtains which can cause many diseases and infections as well. There are several things you need to know before cleaning your curtains. To get detailed information about what you should know about curtain cleaning, read the blog properly. 

Curtain Cleaning Services
  1. Regular Cleaning Is Very Important- Dirt and dust can easily accumulate on your curtains if not cleaned. This mixes with the air and can result in causing diseases related to respiration. Uncleaned curtains can also result in degrading the hygiene in your house as well as the environment. Uncleaned curtains will also ruin the beauty of your house. Stains and spots can be easily visible and give a bad impression on guests. Uncleaned curtains also affect the health of your curtains. Regular cleaning will help in avoiding many such problems including dust and germs. This is an important thing you should know about curtain cleaning.
  1. Understanding The Type Of Material Is Essential- Before cleaning your curtains, you must understand that it is important to know about the material that the curtain is made up of. There are many decorative curtain fabrics that are delicate and can be damaged easily by the chemicals present in the detergents and the chemical solutions. If your curtains are made up of delicate fabrics, you can clean them using a dry cleaning method or you can wash them by hand. This is one of the important things you should know about curtain cleaning. Understanding the type of material is not a tough job, you can either ask the professionals or find it in the manufacturer’s manual. 
  1. Understanding Methods For Curtain Cleaning- There are 3 ways by which you can clean your curtains. Depending upon the type of curtains you can use these 3 methods to clean them. These are the three important methods you should know about curtain cleaning. 
  • Machine Washing Your Curtains- Machine washing is a method that is used for cleaning all types of curtains. This method is effective for cleaning the curtains. You will require special curtain cleaning solutions and detergents that help in removing the stains and dirt from the curtains.
  • Hand Washing Curtains- Hand washing is an old and effective technique for cleaning curtains. You cannot clean all the curtains using a washing machine, hand washing is useful for cleaning delicate curtains. In this method, you won’t require any bleaching agent. All you need is a mild detergent that doesn’t damage your curtains. 
  • Dry Cleaning The Curtains- Dry cleaning is one of the most useful methods for cleaning your curtains. This method is effective but can also create problems for your curtains if not used properly. Before buying any dry curtain cleaners, make sure that it doesn’t damage your curtains externally. A good dry cleaner will also be safe for your curtains as well as the environment. 
  1. Lined Curtains Require Special Care- One of the most important things you should know about curtain cleaning is that lined curtains require special care. Lined curtains are the most attractive curtains, They enhance the beauty of your house. These curtains are very delicate when compared to unlined and other curtains. Lined curtains cleaning requires more effort. Make sure you avoid the use of a washing machine to clean your lined curtains.
  1. Avoiding Discolouration Of The Curtains- Discoloration of the curtains is not only caused due to the stains present on them but can also be caused due to cleaning them. Some of the chemicals present in the cleaning solutions may cause damage to the curtains. This will ruin the complete beauty of the curtains. To avoid the discolouration of curtains, you must take care of two things:
  • Curtains should be cleaned gently using mild detergents and washing should be done slowly. 
  • Once the curtains are cleaned you must dry them properly using the right methods otherwise you will find discolouration of the curtains.

Hire Professional Cleaners- Save Curtains 

Professional cleaning is an important factor when it comes to cleaning your curtains. There are many stubborn stains that can only be cleaned by professionals. Expert cleaners usually have powerful cleaning machines that help in removing all kinds of stains and spots from the curtains. There are many options for you to choose from if you are living in Brisbane. 

You can hire experts from one of the top cleaning companies. Here at Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane, we are very hardworking and the prices we offer are less when compared to many other top companies. To hire us, give us a ring on the given number.   

Getting rid of mould from your curtains is an easy task if you follow the correct method that is approved by knowledgeable DIY professionals. As mould forms wherever there is moisture, it is advisable to adopt effective mouldy curtains cleaning methods. So, once you notice green or black patches on your curtains confirm them as mould and act accordingly against them. To give the best treatment to your curtains that have mould, you can follow any of the mouldy curtains cleaning methods mentioned in this blog. 

mouldy curtains cleaning

To Clean Curtains That Has Mould, Follow Below Methods

Before implementing any of the below mouldy curtains cleaning methods, you need to vacuum the affected area using a vacuum cleaner. However, make sure to wear a mask before vacuuming the curtains. Vacuuming is a mandatory step as it can prevent mould spore formation as well as helps you to not get allergic reactions and asthma attacks. 

  • Machine Wash
  • Firstly, you need to brush away the curtains to do mouldy curtains cleaning and for which you need a stiff-bristled brush 
  • Brushing away the curtains when mould is found helps you to get rid of the most stubborn stains caused by mould
  • If you do not like to use the brush to get rid of mould then you can otherwise go for vacuuming the curtains
  • However, if your go-for choice is to vacuum the curtains, then once you are done with vacuuming you need to throw away the vacuum bag later. Because vacuum bag gets contaminated with mould spores, which can later trigger your allergies 
  • If there is no “dry cleaning only” tag on your curtains, then put them in a washing machine and run a low cycle for it. The preferable cycle time is lower than 30°C to avoid any kind of fabric shrinkage
  • For better results, you can also add citrus solution before putting your moulded curtains in the washing machine
  • Once washed, if you still find mould on your curtains then run a few more circles for it until you no more mould stains
  • Air dry the curtains to find zero mould stains. 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide And Water
  • If you want to get rid of mould from your shower curtains, then you can go for hydrogen peroxide and water method
  • The foremost thing to do before starting this cleaning method is to remove the moulded curtains from their rods and place them on a flat surface
  • Now, inwardly fold only that part of the curtain area that has mould to prevent it from further spreading
  • After that, take water and hydrogen peroxide (in powder form) in a 1:2 ratio and mix them all
  • Spray this mixture of the solution now on the curtains that are laid flat on the surface and let the mixture sit for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Quickly after that, rinse the curtains thoroughly 
  • However, if you still find mould on the curtains then you need to make another mixture of water and baking soda in equal parts
  • Scrub the baking soda mixture area on the curtains to rinse and find no more mould patches on both sides 
  • After that, flip the curtains to repeat the complete mouldy curtains cleaning process and let them dry to hang them properly 
  • Rubbing Alcohol And Disinfectant Spraying
  • To start cleaning your curtains with this method, you need to first vacuum them to get rid of surface dirt. For this step, you can use a vacuum machine brush attachment. Note- Throw away the vacuum bag post-vacuuming to prevent mould spore formation in the bag
  • Here starts the mouldy curtains cleaning process, in which you need to mix equal amounts of rubbing alcohol and water 
  • Once you properly mix the solution, dip a clean cloth into the solution to wipe it on the curtain moulded area and rub 
  • Rinse the curtains quickly using a sponge that is properly dipped in clean tap water and let it dry naturally
  • Once the curtains are naturally dried, apply disinfecting agent by spraying the solution over the curtains. This is to prevent further mould prevention as it acts as a protection layer 
  • If you do not have disinfecting agents to spray, you can alternatively go for salt and lemon juice
  • When salt and lemon juice have opted, make them into a liquid mixture of any ratios to wipe moulded certain areas
  • However, make sure to do a colourfast test before wiping your curtains with a salt and lemon juice mixture
  • Later, rinse the mixture once 30 minutes is up to find desirable outcomes.
  • Bleach And A Mix Of Other Solutions
  • Before you start the mouldy curtains cleaning procedure, you need to try to get rid of as much mould as possible by vacuuming the fabric. If not vacuuming you can also go for a scrubbing brush
  • During this process, it is advisable to do the cleaning outdoors so that you can prevent the spread of mould spores indoors
  • From various solutions or products available in the market, take vinegar, borax 
  • Mix 3 tablespoons of borax into 3 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar. If possible, mix rubbing alcohol too to dilute the mixture properly 
  • Make the above-mentioned mixture in such a way that they can be sprayed over mould on curtains in a short time
  • Once sprayed, let the solution sit on the mould for at least 15 minutes and rinse it off as a later step
  • Finally, once the complete process is done, you will notice no more mould on your curtains; on either side as it is one of the effective cleaning methods. 


With local curtain cleaning professionals everywhere around you to help, you need not worry about mouldy curtains cleaning anymore. Avoiding the presence of mould on your curtains is never a solution if you want your indoor environment to be at its best. So, invest in a professional curtain cleaning company as they not just thoroughly clean your curtains but also leave no residues behind. Can Hire Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane for these kind of services.

In addition to this, expert cleaners make use of chemical-free cleaning agents and the latest equipment. The reason for this is that the involvement of both agents and equipment makes the complete cleaning process effective. Therefore, calm down to call and hire professionals for curtain cleaning right this instant.

Bathroom Curtain Cleaning Checklist: How To Do It

Curtains bear a lot of things and need regular cleaning services. Uncleaned curtains can cause many problems for you and your family. Bathroom curtains can become very dirty due to exposure and too much use. Bathroom curtains need more protection and more effort while cleaning them. To clean your curtains effectively you can use homemade solutions or hire professional curtain cleaners. To get detailed information on how to clean bathroom curtains, read the blog thoroughly. 

Clean Bathroom Curtains

Cleaning Curtains Using White Vinegar and Baking Soda In Washing Machine- 

Step 1– First remove the curtains and liners and toss them in a washing machine. You can use a couple of white towels alongside the curtains that provide extra scrubbing and help in better cleaning the curtains. This is an important step how to clean bathroom curtains. 

Step 2- Add detergent in regular amounts and ½ to 1 cup of baking soda to the washing machine. Baking soda is a great solution to remove stains from the curtains. Baking soda absorbs stains and it is also useful as a deodoriser. It helps in removing bad odour from the curtains. 

Step 3- Wash the curtains in warm water at the highest level to get rid of the smell and stains from the curtains. Then rinse the curtains in the machine by adding ½ to 1 cup of distilled white vinegar.

Step 4- Then allow the curtains to run through the spin cycle and hand them outside. Wait until they are completely dried up and place them back. Wait until they are completely dry to avoid the bad smell from the curtains and do not use any dryer to dry them. 

Cleaning The Bathroom Curtains Without Removing Them- 

Step 1- Gather cleaning things including vinegar and spray bottles and prepare the cleaning solution. Mix one part vinegar and 4 parts of water in the spray bottle. 

Step 2- Extend the bathroom curtains across the rod and spray the solution on the curtain. Make sure to concentrate on the side that is hanging in the tub and completely saturate the solution. 

Step 3- Once the stains and dirt are removed, use warm water to rinse the curtain from top to bottom. Then let the curtains air dry thoroughly. This is one of the useful and easy methods How to clean bathroom curtains. 

How To Clean Bathroom Curtains By Hand?

Step 1- To keep your curtains clean it is important to rinse them with warm water. Remove the curtains from the hangers and add them to a bucket filled with warm water. 

Step 2- Add ¼ cup of baking soda and some amount of laundry detergent and mix it thoroughly. Later add it again to warm water and agitate it by hand. 

Step 3- Then rinse the curtains with warm water and allow them to dry thoroughly. You can hang them and also use dryers to dry them quickly. 

How To Prevent Mould From Curtains- 

  • Turn on the exhaust fan during your shower and keep it on until 30 minutes after your shower so the moisture goes out and doesn’t allow the mould to settle on the curtains. 
  • Make sure you wash and dry your bath mats and towels regularly because mould easily grows where it can find moisture. 
  • Store your washcloths and loofahs away from the shower and somewhere dry to avoid mould growth.  

Proactive Tips- 

  • There are many soaps that can cause scum so you can use a body wash or non-soap cleansing bar instead of bar soap. 
  • To keep your curtains clean, regularly spray your curtains with a mixture of half water and half distilled water and you can also add a few drops of lemon oil to the solution for a good smell. This is one of the best tips How to clean bathroom curtains. 
  • Once in a week, it is important to scrub clean the bottom of the curtains with vinegar and water solution as it catches much dust and debris. 

Hire Professional Curtain Cleaners- Keep Curtains Safe, Tidy & Smart

To maintain and keep your curtains clean, it is important to hire professional curtain cleaning services regularly. They know the best cleaning techniques and the tools they use are also the latest and most effective.
If you are looking for the best professional curtain cleaners in Brisbane, hire the professionals at Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane. We are the leading curtain cleaning service provider in Brisbane. With years of experience in the cleaning field, we can clean all types of curtains and remove all types of stains. We also offer emergency curtain cleaning services at reasonable prices. We specialised in bathroom curtain cleaning and know all the methods to clean bathroom curtains.

Looking For Best Ways To Keep Your Curtains And Room Pristine

Here is the solution for all your concerns on How to clean curtains and keep every room pristine! Weekly curtain cleaning would be of great help to you if you want to maintain them dust-free. It should include shaking and dusting. Cleaning your curtains on a regular basis will help get rid of the dust, pollutants, and odours that they accumulate. However, you might have to wash them by hand or in a washing machine if you skip a few cleanings.

You may steam clean heavier materials to revitalize them completely. What kind of material your curtains are made of and how thoroughly you wish to clean them will determine how you choose to clean them. While heavier textiles may frequently be cleaned like ordinary clothing, lace and transparent fabrics will need gentler cleanings.

Having good-looking curtains can instantly improve the look of the room! Are you eager to learn How to clean curtains and keep every room pristine, allergen-free, and appealing? We are Captain curtain Cleaning Brisbane here to guide you in the best ways, to keep going! 

Clean Curtains And Keep Every Room Pristine

How To Keep Your Curtains Clean Effectively?

Cleaning curtains need proper attention and care because using harsh chemicals and cleaning agents can ruin their texture. With their opulent window dressings, curtains do add a touch of elegance to a space. Such pieces need good care. However, whether they are thick and interlined or thin and airy, all curtains might need an occasional thorough clean. Although some curtains can be machine cleaned, their care requirements vary depending on the kind and fabric, so we’ve put up a piece of expert advice on How to clean curtains and keep every room pristine. 

  • With The Help Of A Vacuum Cleaner: According to experts, you can maintain your curtains clean on a regular basis by “vacuuming them with a clean nozzle” regardless of the material they are made of. You keep your curtains clean, make sure to routinely dust and vacuum your floor coverings and window sills as well. If you have pets, this is very crucial. Curtain cleaning may be done brilliantly using lint rollers. To pick up any dirt, dust, or hair, simply run them all the way down on both sides of the material.
  • With The Use Of Washing Machine: In general, it is not a good idea to wash curtains in the washing machine, although some types of cloth may be washed at home. Take a look at the washing symbols since the care label will make this evident.
  • As per the experts’ advice, Remove all hardware first, Shake them outside if you can. Then, place them in the washing machine and select a delicate cycle for cold water. Additionally, be sure you use a mild detergent. This will help in making your curtains clean without causing much damage to their texture. 
  • With The Help Of A Steamer: One of the items you can clean with a steamer is curtains, and steaming drapes help eliminate wrinkles as well as dirt and bacteria. This should be a pretty regular chore, similar to vacuuming. When using the steamer, be sure to begin at the top and move lower. Open your windows to let fresh air in so they may finish drying naturally.
  • By Handwashing: If the curtains are washable, it is ideal to hand wash to prevent any potential harm from a washing machine session. If you can, take off all curtain hooks before adding a cup of laundry detergent to a bath filled with cold water. Let the dust and filth seep out of your curtains by soaking them in the bath for a few hours. Gentle scrubbing can also help in getting rid of the dirt effectively. 
  • Cleaning Sheer Or Lace Curtains: It is essential to handle sheer curtains differently from heavier fabric alternatives in order to keep them looking crisp, clean, and new. Since these drapes’ lightweight fabric makes it easy for them to wrinkle and snag when wet. Because of this, hand washing them in a sink with cold water and a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent is recommended. 
  • Here is how you do it! One panel should be washed at a time, immersed in the soapy water for ten minutes, and then swirled to remove dirt. To eliminate soap residue, drain the sink, replace it with cold water, and then whirl the panel one more.
  • Here is a small piece of advice on how to get the firm, wrinkle-free texture back. Put newly cleaned curtains in a sink filled with cold water that has 1 cup of Epsom salt dissolved in them for 10 minutes. Do not rinse; instead, carefully push any remaining water out. Let your shower rod or clothesline drip dry the curtains.
  • Curtain Dry Cleaning: This is an alternative that is highly effective and very useful. Curtains that require sensitive treatment and would shrink upon exposure to water would need dry cleaning. 
  • How Often Should You Clean The Curtains? Vacuuming and cleaning the space surrounding the curtains should be done once a week, and steaming your curtains while they are still hung should be performed once per month.

However, it is essential that you take the curtains from the rail once a year, shake them out, spot-clean any trouble spots, and then select the most effective cleaning technique.

  • Getting Rid Of Stains: Stains sometimes can get stubborn upon drying. Therefore, cleaning them right away is essential. For this, Use a combination of organic washing powder and warm water to spot clean your curtains if they have recently gotten stains. Avoid getting the area too moist when you gently dab it with a damp sponge. When the material has dried, water streaks caused by too much liquid will be visible. 


Your curtains can improve the aesthetics of your interior design overall. Your room seems cosier and more inviting when you have modern curtains with an exquisite design. Curtains, however, may be pricey. It’s crucial to maintain them properly to obtain the maximum return on your investment. Maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your curtains.

Use the best cleaning techniques and extra caution when handling them. Every other day, dust them off and wash your curtains once every two months. To preserve and keep your curtains for a longer time, please read the washing instructions label. By following these few easy tips on How to clean curtains and keep every room pristine, you can keep your curtains along with the room fresh, clean, and dust-free. Moreover, you can call for deep curtain cleaning every once in six months.