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    Curtains And Blinds Cleaning

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    Curtain Steam Cleaning

    Curtain Dry Cleaning

    Curtain Dry Cleaning

    Curtain Stain Removal

    Curtain Stain Removal

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    Curtain Sanitisation

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    Curtain Cleaning And Deodorisation

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    Curtain Washing

    Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

    PRO Curtain Cleaning Company in Brisbane QLD

    Brisbane is a city in Australia’s southern state of Queensland. Brisbane is known for its natural environment, trendy restaurants and bars, and warm climate. Here at Captain Curtain Cleaning, we have taken the responsibility of providing the best professional curtain cleaning service in Brisbane; homeowners and others can hire our professional cleaners to clean their curtains, drapes and blinds. Check Curtain cleaning Brisbane reviews and hire the services.

    Get Professional Team For Affordable Curtain Cleaning Services

    Captain Curtain Cleaning Brisbane is the most popular company, providing the best cleaning services for different kinds of curtains and blinds. We have many popular techniques for cleaning or sanitizing the curtains. Our Local Curtain Cleaners are skilled and certified to provide the services in all of Brisbane’s areas. We have been popular for the last 25 years. Our Curtain Cleaning Prices are also low as we use high technology with fewer efforts for giving the perfect result to our customers. Our staff have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

    Moreover, we are here to make plans and arrange things so that cleaning your curtains and blinds at your home can be easy. Some facilities that will make your cleaning and service booking easy are here. We want to clean your curtains and blinds without giving any disturbance.

    • Get Free Quotes
    • Curtain cleaning at home in Brisbane
    • Off-site curtain cleaning
    • Same-day service facility
    • 24-hour availability for booking

    You can call us now, and get any-time service with professional cleaning tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

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    curtain cleaning Brisbane

    curtain cleaning services in Brisbane

    Book Brisbane’s Best Curtain Cleaners, Contact Us Now….!!!

    Forget the type and size of your curtains and blinds, share your cleaning problem with us at 07 5606 8386 and get the best plans and professionals for cleaning.

    Why Do You Need Professional Help For Curtain Cleaning?

    Often, people are confused as to why they should hire professional curtain cleaners when they can clean by themself. Hiring a curtain cleaner in Brisbane is simple and easy instead of cleaning your curtains yourself. Because the lack of knowledge may lead to damage. Latest machines and equipment are also the main factors that you should hire a professional curtain cleaning company because companies have experience and proper knowledge to use the right product for cleaning your curtains. Their experience and expertise will make cleaning faster than DIY Curtain Cleaning.

    Moreover, experts know the difference between types of curtains and they have proper knowledge about the use of cleaning agents for safe curtain cleaning without affecting curtains’ colours. So, always try to hire professional curtain cleaners. If you are living in Brisbane you can hire our team from Captain Curtain Cleaning Brisbane.

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    Professional curtain cleaning Brisbane

    Professional curtain cleaning services in Brisbane

    Here Are The Tips To Clean Pelmets

    • The first step in cleaning pelmets is to do a colourfast test as it helps in avoiding colour loss as well as shrinkage.
    • Then proceed to clean the pelmets using a vacuum cleaner using its soft brush attachment.
    • Immediately after that, wipe the pelmet on both sides using a clean damp or dry cloth while spraying the area with silicon sprays.
    • If your pelmets are covered with grease, you have the option of cleaning them with warm soapy water.
    • Take a white rubber to remove the stubborn marks pelmets.

    Now, this is your time to think about pelmet cleaning tips if you want to clean them all on your own and not go with professional help. So, if your decision is self-cleaning the pelmets of curtains, then gear up yourself to follow all the tips.

    Our Additional Help- Returning & Rehanging Curtains

    Yes, you read it right, we also return your curtains as soon as we get done with the cleaning and drying process. Not just returning, but we also rehang the curtains to lessen your burden from hanging them all on your own. Therefore, you can count on our experts if you want to skip the hassle of cleaning and rehanging them.

    Range Of All Kinds Of Curtain Cleaning In Brisbane

    There are so many curtain cleaning services that we can provide to our customers who are living in Brisbane and nearby places. We can perform different kinds of curtains and blinds cleaning jobs. Our customers can book our services such as:

    We Provide These Services in Brisbane

    We give offsite and Onsite curtain cleaning services all across Brisbane and give the facility of re-hanging curtains after cleaning them. We never compromise with service quality and give preferable Curtain Sanitisation Services or other curtain cleaning treatments. Dial our toll-free numbers for the bookings of Curtain Cleaning services.

    Local Curtain Steam Cleaning Brisbane

    We prefers the most beneficial services to its customers. Our local curtain cleaning team is offering a steam cleaning procedure that is very useful to deep clean the curtains. This process can be used for getting a perfect result. In the steam cleaning procedure, we use hot or steam water to wet the curtains with effective cleansers. The Steam curtains Cleaning procedure can be performed in the fastest way if you are hiring curtain steam cleaner from our company. We prefer to use modern strategies to apply the most beneficial and effective cleaning material while doing our job.

    Curtain Odour Removal Brisbane Experts

    Odour is one of the biggest reasons that you need to get regular curtain cleaning services. The moisture and stains can affect the curtains and leave a bad odour in the room. This can affect the curtains’ appearance as well. But if you are hiring our service providers from our company you can get Curtain Odour Removal Brisbane services with instant fragranced cleaning results.

    Get Service Fast 07 5606 8386

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    Same Day Curtain Cleaning Services

    Some people are very confused about whether they can hire the same-day service or they have to wait to get their curtains professionally cleaned. Well, there is no need to wait to get perfect curtain cleaning services for your curtains because we provide Same-day Curtain Cleaning services. Moreover, you can hire our service providers on an emergency basis because we are available 24 hours to provide the services to our customers.

    Curtain Mould Removal Brisbane

    Mould is a very bad factor that can lead to damage. You can hire our professional curtain cleaner for getting the services of Curtain Mould Removal Brisbane. To solve this issue, we use vinegar-based cleaning solutions that will help in removing mould from curtains. The mould is very bad and if you are facing this, we have a solution for cleaning mould of curtains. We can save your curtains and blinds from moulds and damage.

    Professional Blinds Cleaning At Affordable Prices

    If you are looking for Blinds cleaning services you can hire our service providers. We are providing different kinds of professional blinds cleaning services at an affordable cost. We always take care of the blinds material while cleaning them and don’t affect their colour and appearance. Our experts can also polish the blinds with natural colour if they are faded over time. We have the best cleaning solutions that are very helpful in enhancing the appearance of your blinds. So, get to us if you need to get your blinds professionally cleaned. Furthermore, we are providing Drapery Cleaning Services with exceptional cleaning solutions. you can search Best drapery cleaners near me and hire cleaners.

    Curtain Stain Removal Service Brisbane

    Stain Treatment is vital no matter what it is. You have to clean them or have to hire a professional to clean them. When it comes to stain removal treatment, we are here to help you. We provide different kinds of curtain stain removal services with instant cleaning results. Our specialists can remove coffee stains, paint stains, mud stains, grease stains, etc. Some stains are very old and cannot be cleaned. If someone does harsh cleaning to remove stains from the curtains, your curtains can be torn up. Well, we can lighten those stains with professional techniques if the stain is very old.

    blinds cleaning brisbane

    Blind cleaning Brisbane

    Captain Curtain Cleaning Brisbane Is Helping With
    Effective Curtain Cleaning Procedure

    The procedure that we use for Curtain Cleaning is very effective as we use different kinds of cleaning methods according to the customer’s requirement. Our customers can choose their preferred cleaning method after getting the full information about the cleaning procedure. The method that we use for cleaning is mentioned below:

    • First, we inspect the curtain type and get its cleaning information.
    • We dust out the curtains and remove dirt and dust.
    • Then we use pre-stain treatment for removing the stains such as ink stains and food stains or any other stains on your curtains.
    • After that, we apply curtain steam cleaning or Curtain Dry Cleaning. Both procedures are best but it depends on you what you will choose. We use a procedure that you will ask for cleaning your curtains. We can also decide for you.
    • After cleaning your curtains, we also check your curtain if they need to be sanitized or deodorized.
    • After completing the cleaning procedure, we apply the dry machines to dry out the curtains completely. We also give maintenance tips so that you can use your curtain for a long period.
    Effective curtain cleaning Brisbane

    Effective curtain cleaning services in Brisbane

    Book Brisbane’s Best Curtain Cleaners, Contact Us Now….!!!

    Forget the type and size of your curtains and blinds, share your cleaning problem with us at 07 5606 8386 and get the best plans and professionals for cleaning.

    Why Choose Captain Curtain Cleaning Team For Services In Brisbane?

    There are so many options in the market but what are the main points that attract the customers towards our company? There are so many facilities and reasons that we give our customers to choose us over the other curtain cleaning companies. Captain Curtain Cleaning Brisbane is popular and experienced to give facilities like:

    • Same-day cleaning services
    • Emergency curtain cleaning services
    • A local curtain cleaning team
    • Reasonable and affordable Curtain cleaning prices
    • Flexible service booking
    • Anytime free QUOTES are available
    • Onsite and offsite curtain cleaning services across Brisbane and nearby areas
    • Experience of more than 25 years
    • Certified and skilled curtain cleaning staff
    • Customer-friendly cleaning policies with lots of benefits
    • Instant cleaning results with professional and latest techniques

    So, get to us when you require Curtain Cleaning services. We will help you to get rid of the curtain’s stains and germs.

    Hire Best team of cleaning

    Hire Best team of cleaning

    Exceptional Curtain And Blinds Cleaning Services For Residential And Commercial Properties In Brisbane

    When it comes to offering services for the best curtains and blinds cleaning Brisbane, we are at the top. You can have a look at the variety of services we offer to clean your curtains and blinds at an affordable price range. We are exceptional in cleaning, and you will feel this after our services.

    Curtain Dry Cleaning Brisbane

    We would be happy to serve you if you wish to be relaxed and let us handle all of the curtain dry cleaning. Most curtains can be cleaned using our dry cleaning method. In this, we use a solvent other than water and such a solvent removes dirt and stains. you can check curtain dry cleaning cost in Brisbane.

    Curtain Steam Cleaning Brisbane

    Regardless of the grime on or inside of your curtains, we provide them with a new look. We specialize in steam cleaning and will not let you even consider replacing them. The high-pressure steam is subjected to the curtain during this steam cleaning process to thoroughly clean it. This removes all the dust and dirt along with the harmful bacteria.

    Blinds Cleaning Brisbane

    While adding glory to your home, blinds may be challenging to clean and maintain. Cleaning needs to be done gently because you do not want to harm the fibres. Roman blinds, Venetian blinds or even wooden blinds cleaning services are provided by our professionals. We use efficient products and proper procedures. For blinds cleaning in Brisbane, you can call us right now. you can also hire Venetian blind cleaners in Brisbane.

    Curtain Cleaning And Repairs

    For any kind of curtain cleaning and repair, you can reach us. We can help to restore your curtains to their original state. Our experts have years of knowledge in cleaning and repair curtains. We can provide you with premium quality services. Not only curtains but also we can help in cleaning and repairing supportive elements of curtains and blinds.

    We Also Provide Services in These Below Suburbs:

    Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane is a curtain cleaning services provider company. We are providing Curtain steam cleaning, Dry cleaning, Stain removal and more relevant services in Brisbane and nearby locations.

    Curtain Brisbane Van

    Captain is a Verified Curtain Cleaning Company in Brisbane

    Location :-

    105 Margaret St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

    07 5606 8386

    Hours of Operation : Mon-Sun 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

    Rated 4.7 out of 5
    4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
    Very good33%

    Reviews :-

    Good at work

    November 12, 2022

    “I found the cleaners of this company good at work. They were very professional at the given time. Stains, moulds and smells were removed from the curtains and blinds. I am happy with your work.


    Honest people

    November 12, 2022

    “Three cleaners arrived at my home and cleaned my 6 curtains. I am happy with their cleaning process and results. I would love to recommend your team to my neighbours and friends.


    Nicely removed stains

    November 12, 2022

    “The experts of this company removed stains from my curtains which I was not able to do. They made it completely easy for my curtains and they are stain-free now.




    “Hi, I am Roger. I have been getting curtain cleaning services from this company for 3 years and they have never given me a chance to complain because they always end up the work with satisfying results.


    “Hi, I am Ema. I usually do not get enough time for cleaning curtains, blinds and other things so I fix appointments with this company every time I require professional curtain cleaning services. They are very good at work.


    “Hi, I am Watson. I have been part of this curtain cleaning company family for many years. We feel like families. Whenever there is a need for curtain cleaning at my home, I always prefer to call this company.



    Yes, we can steam clean curtains. Steam cleaning is our favourite method.

    Yes, we can clean curtains without taking them down. We use ladders to reach the curtain.

    Yes, we are available on weekends for cleaning.

    Yes, we have the latest equipment for curtains and blinds cleaning.
    blind cleaning

    blind cleaning

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