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Here Is What You Should Do For Your Curtain Cleaning

Curtains should be cleaned regularly and there are many ways to clean a curtain. Before cleaning a curtain there are several things to be taken into consideration. Read the blog to know more. You have to follow some of the steps to clean your curtains thoroughly. 

  • Step 1- Remove the curtain before cleaning- Before starting the curtain cleaning you have to remove the curtains from the hanger. Remove all the clips and shake them to get rid of the dust from the curtains. This is the first and most important step for easy curtain cleaning. Removing the dust is very important to make the curtain weightless for easy cleaning. 
  • Step 2- After dusting the curtains, soak them in cold water. Use detergent and mix it thoroughly into the cold water. Then wash them carefully according to the type of fabric of the curtain. You can then wash the curtains in your hands or for better results you can wash them in the machine. And if you are washing with your hands make sure you don’t rub or wring the curtains. Rubbing and wringing can damage the fabric of the curtains. 
  • Step 3- After cleaning them, rinse them properly. You have to make sure to remove all the water from the curtains thoroughly. You can either squeeze the water out manually or use the washing machine spin to remove excess water easily. This is also an easy curtain cleaning step. 
  • Step 4- After rinsing and drying you should use an iron for the curtain. Ironing is important after cleaning them. Work lengthways on the wrong sides to stretch the fabric gently to stop the seams puckering. Then hang the curtains while they are still slightly damp so they drop to the right length. 
  • Step 5- While the curtains are getting dried up you can dust and clean the curtain tracks thoroughly. Then put the curtains back on the hanger. 
Easy Curtain Cleaning Service
Easy Curtain Cleaning Service

These are Some of The Easy Curtain Cleaning Steps. 

Other than these there are also some other easy methods for cleaning the curtains such as:

  • Steam cleaningA hand-holding steamer is also one of the best ways to clean the curtains. In this cleaning method, you can easily remove the tough stains without any professional help. 
  • Homemade Remedies- The use of homemade cleaning solutions such as baking soda and vinegar are also helpful in removing the stains from the curtains. These are also some of the easy curtain cleaning steps. Other than vinegar and baking soda, several other cleaning solutions are useful in removing the stains from the curtains. 

Hiring Professionals Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Curtain Cleaning 

Professional curtain cleaning is very important sometimes. For many stains that cannot be cleaned by ourselves there, professional cleaning becomes important to remove them. Professionals use the best techniques for removing all the stains and spots from the curtains. There are many ways professionals can clean a curtain. Experts will also advise you about the best and easy curtain cleaning methods. Experience is one thing that helps them a lot in cleaning the curtains. If you are looking for the best professional cleaners in Brisbane you can hire the professionals at Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane. We have the best cleaning equipment and the technicians are very well trained. We offer 24/7 emergency cleaning services. 

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