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How To Clean Curtain Linings? 7 Professional Tips Will Help You in This

Curtains having linings are also called blackout curtains. These are so-called because of the work they do. In the front, you have your usual curtains, but at the back, there is a black or white lining that helps these curtains to block any heat, or light from outside. These curtains are not the usual curtains that you can machine wash easily. Thus for these, you require proper steps of cleaning and some tips from professional Curtain cleaning. In this article, you will learn tips on ‘how to clean curtain linings?’ 

How To Clean Curtain Linings

7 Great Tips On How To Clean Curtain Linings? 

The steps you should follow to clean these curtains at home are given below. 

  1. Vacuuming & Spot Clean

Firstly, start with vacuuming your curtains from the front and back. This will help to get rid of any excess dirt from the top layers of the curtains so that the deep cleaning is conducted effectively.

For spot clean, you need to remove the curtains from their hanging rod. Then place a mid detergent on the stains or spots on your curtains. Then rub gently and wipe the residue with a cloth soaked in warm water. To avoid fading of the colour, just do a patch test on your curtains.

  1. Deep Cleaning

For this step use your bathtub. Initially start with filling the bathtub with warm water. And add a mild soapy detergent for cleaning of curtains. Now with the help of your hands gently rub and squeeze your curtains covering every part of it. It is best to hand wash your curtains having lining as machine wash can ruin the layers. Once the cleaning is done, then rinse the curtains with clean water.

  1. Drying Of Curtains

To remove any excess water ring your curtains. Hang your curtains so drain out the excess water. Make sure that the lining portion of the curtains is not leaning toward any wall. Once it gets completely dry hang them back to their rods.

Cleaning your curtains that have linings can be very tricky and difficult, thus always opt for hand washing your curtains, as this ensures no damage to your curtains. 

Other tips given by the professionals that one should keep in mind are:

  1. Vacuum Clean In Short Strokes & Identify Your Material

When you start vacuum cleaning your curtains, always make sure you clean in small strokes. Start from the top and go downwards in small strokes. It is better to use a handheld vacuum cleaner as they suit the best for cleaning a curtain lining.

The curtains come in a variety of materials from cotton, linen, velvet, etc. thus you should know the material and what method you can apply for cleaning your curtains. You can also seek help from professionals to get knowledge about the material of your curtains.

  1. Always Go With Gentle Hands & Dry Carefully

It is better to always go for hand wash when it comes to cleaning your curtains lining. As machine washing can shrink the material or disturb its layers. Thus always be gentle when you hand wash your curtains.

It is better to line-dry your curtains rather than dry them in a machine dryer. Because machine dryer can damage the material and also leads to shrinkage of the material of your curtain.

  1. Wipe Clean or Steam Cleaning

If you don’t want to go through so much, or if you are in a hurry then you can also opt to wipe your curtains. In this, you can simply wipe the lining of your curtains with a wet and clean cloth.

Other than washing your curtains with soap you can also opt for steam cleaning. Just make sure that the material of your curtains is capable of steam cleaning. Or else ask the help from professionals for proper guidance on whether you can perform steam cleaning on your curtains or not.

  1. Always Use Mild Detergent

Always make sure you are using soap or detergent that is mild on your curtains. Avoid using products that have any boosters and leach in them.


It requires a lot of care while cleaning a curtain lining. We hope you liked the above tips on how to clean curtain linings. The lining of a curtain is of acrylic material and thus requires care so that there is no damage to the curtains. Therefore, the best method of cleaning your curtain lining is by hand washing them. As machine wash can and dryer can damage the curtains either by damaging its lining or shrinking the material.

Thus if you try to clean your curtains with lining at home always opt for the hand washing method. Also just keep the given points in mind suggested by professionals, that will maintain the look and material of your curtains.

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