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How To Remove Mould From Curtains

5 Pro Tips To Remove Mould From Curtains

It’s pretty common to get mould on your curtains. Especially if your curtain is in a dark place of the house or somehow gets damp due to any reason like dripping water from the ceiling, near a faulty waterline, window condensation etc. Mould is a form of fungi and can grow faster than you think. Further, it can spread quickly and may also get on your furniture. Getting it removed as soon as possible should be a priority. Mould removal is a serious job and you would require a professional’s help because removing it on your own can be messy and exhaustive. Therefore, in this blog, we are providing you with tips on how to remove mould from curtains.

 Remove Mould From Curtains

Mould On Curtain and Its Removal 

Your curtain provides the perfect spot for mould to grow. Mould spores can come in contact with your curtain through air currents and under favourable conditions, they start spreading/growing. Due to the coverage of the large surface area by a curtain, it gives moulds many spots to take root. 

Firstly you can consult a mould removalist or an expert who has correct knowledge about curtain mould removal. It is equally important for you to know how to remove mould from curtains. It is not so complicated once you know the few steps and treat mould carefully and have a good strategy. You can also make some homemade solutions if you know the right amount of components to be added. Don’t take risks by trying them directly onto the curtain. First, try it on a hidden surface and if it doesn’t damage it then go on with the process.

Know About Moulds And Risks

Moulds can be dangerous and a risk to your health whether they’re on your curtain or anywhere in your house. It is more hazardous for people with mould allergies than for people who do not suffer from this allergy. But with or without allergies, mould can cause other problems too like sneezing, cough, fever, asthma problems in children etc. You should take precautions while dealing with mould problems. Always wear a dust mask to prevent mould spores from entering your respiratory tract. Also, make sure to wear gloves because these spores can transfer to your family members by touching them. 

5 Best Tips On How To Remove Mould From Curtains

Even though mould removal by a professional cleaning service is recommended, don’t worry, you can still do it on your own with these tips on how to remove mould from curtains:

1. Clean According To Condition/Type

The most important point to know is whether you should follow a certain procedure for a certain kind of curtain. Your curtain may be sensitive to certain products so it’s better to avoid those. Also, check for any other instructions from the manufacturer of your curtain. 

2. The Brushing Technique 

Using the simple brushing technique will remove most of the mould. This is the simplest step in mould removal. Perform this step with gentle brushing as harsh brushing would ruin the fabric. 

Warning: Perform this process outside so you don’t risk any other furniture getting moulded.

3. Bleaching

If your curtain is not sensitive to stain removal solution (i.e. the colour will not fade away or it doesn’t harm the fabric) then apply it wherever it was infected with mould. With this step, you can also mix one part bleach and 4 parts water and pour it into a spray bottle. Now spray it from a distance so you don’t risk decolourising the material. Even after mould removal, the stains can still be seen on the fabric. See the manufacturer’s manual for your curtain and check if it is machine washable. Some stains might need hand washing according to the manual so simple detergent will work or any brand that has been recommended in the manual.

4. Clean And Prevent Moisture

You can clean the curtain to remove moulds. Avoid getting mould by cleaning the windows and the area around the curtains. Also, try and prevent the area from getting wet or damp. Keeping the moisture level to a minimum will not only help in preventing the curtains from getting mould but will also prevent infecting other furniture. Make sure to keep your house properly ventilated and that your house gets proper sunlight. Invest in good window coverings as it keeps the temperature right and avoids condensation.

5. Steam Cleaning For Mould Removal

You can steam clean a curtain to remove moulds. After cleaning hang dry the curtains in the sunlight. Let them dry naturally. Putting them in a dryer will do more harm than good. The dryer will form creases on your curtain and ironing them can be hectic. Also, make sure that the curtains are properly dry before hanging them back on so that they won’t get moulded again. Cleaning and maintaining are two different things. As important as cleaning your curtain is, maintaining it is also as important. 


After reading this blog you must have gotten your answer to the question “how to remove mould from curtains?“. But if you still find it troublesome to remove mould then you always have the option of hiring a professional curtain cleaning Brisbane service. There are several companies with licensed cleaners who have profound knowledge about mould removal. So, explore and connect with a professional curtain mould removal service near you. 

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