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Mouldy Curtains Cleaning: How To Do It?

Getting rid of mould from your curtains is an easy task if you follow the correct method that is approved by knowledgeable DIY professionals. As mould forms wherever there is moisture, it is advisable to adopt effective mouldy curtains cleaning methods. So, once you notice green or black patches on your curtains confirm them as mould and act accordingly against them. To give the best treatment to your curtains that have mould, you can follow any of the mouldy curtains cleaning methods mentioned in this blog. 

mouldy curtains cleaning

To Clean Curtains That Has Mould, Follow Below Methods

Before implementing any of the below mouldy curtains cleaning methods, you need to vacuum the affected area using a vacuum cleaner. However, make sure to wear a mask before vacuuming the curtains. Vacuuming is a mandatory step as it can prevent mould spore formation as well as helps you to not get allergic reactions and asthma attacks. 

  • Machine Wash
  • Firstly, you need to brush away the curtains to do mouldy curtains cleaning and for which you need a stiff-bristled brush 
  • Brushing away the curtains when mould is found helps you to get rid of the most stubborn stains caused by mould
  • If you do not like to use the brush to get rid of mould then you can otherwise go for vacuuming the curtains
  • However, if your go-for choice is to vacuum the curtains, then once you are done with vacuuming you need to throw away the vacuum bag later. Because vacuum bag gets contaminated with mould spores, which can later trigger your allergies 
  • If there is no “dry cleaning only” tag on your curtains, then put them in a washing machine and run a low cycle for it. The preferable cycle time is lower than 30°C to avoid any kind of fabric shrinkage
  • For better results, you can also add citrus solution before putting your moulded curtains in the washing machine
  • Once washed, if you still find mould on your curtains then run a few more circles for it until you no more mould stains
  • Air dry the curtains to find zero mould stains. 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide And Water
  • If you want to get rid of mould from your shower curtains, then you can go for hydrogen peroxide and water method
  • The foremost thing to do before starting this cleaning method is to remove the moulded curtains from their rods and place them on a flat surface
  • Now, inwardly fold only that part of the curtain area that has mould to prevent it from further spreading
  • After that, take water and hydrogen peroxide (in powder form) in a 1:2 ratio and mix them all
  • Spray this mixture of the solution now on the curtains that are laid flat on the surface and let the mixture sit for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Quickly after that, rinse the curtains thoroughly 
  • However, if you still find mould on the curtains then you need to make another mixture of water and baking soda in equal parts
  • Scrub the baking soda mixture area on the curtains to rinse and find no more mould patches on both sides 
  • After that, flip the curtains to repeat the complete mouldy curtains cleaning process and let them dry to hang them properly 
  • Rubbing Alcohol And Disinfectant Spraying
  • To start cleaning your curtains with this method, you need to first vacuum them to get rid of surface dirt. For this step, you can use a vacuum machine brush attachment. Note- Throw away the vacuum bag post-vacuuming to prevent mould spore formation in the bag
  • Here starts the mouldy curtains cleaning process, in which you need to mix equal amounts of rubbing alcohol and water 
  • Once you properly mix the solution, dip a clean cloth into the solution to wipe it on the curtain moulded area and rub 
  • Rinse the curtains quickly using a sponge that is properly dipped in clean tap water and let it dry naturally
  • Once the curtains are naturally dried, apply disinfecting agent by spraying the solution over the curtains. This is to prevent further mould prevention as it acts as a protection layer 
  • If you do not have disinfecting agents to spray, you can alternatively go for salt and lemon juice
  • When salt and lemon juice have opted, make them into a liquid mixture of any ratios to wipe moulded certain areas
  • However, make sure to do a colourfast test before wiping your curtains with a salt and lemon juice mixture
  • Later, rinse the mixture once 30 minutes is up to find desirable outcomes.
  • Bleach And A Mix Of Other Solutions
  • Before you start the mouldy curtains cleaning procedure, you need to try to get rid of as much mould as possible by vacuuming the fabric. If not vacuuming you can also go for a scrubbing brush
  • During this process, it is advisable to do the cleaning outdoors so that you can prevent the spread of mould spores indoors
  • From various solutions or products available in the market, take vinegar, borax 
  • Mix 3 tablespoons of borax into 3 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar. If possible, mix rubbing alcohol too to dilute the mixture properly 
  • Make the above-mentioned mixture in such a way that they can be sprayed over mould on curtains in a short time
  • Once sprayed, let the solution sit on the mould for at least 15 minutes and rinse it off as a later step
  • Finally, once the complete process is done, you will notice no more mould on your curtains; on either side as it is one of the effective cleaning methods. 


With local curtain cleaning professionals everywhere around you to help, you need not worry about mouldy curtains cleaning anymore. Avoiding the presence of mould on your curtains is never a solution if you want your indoor environment to be at its best. So, invest in a professional curtain cleaning company as they not just thoroughly clean your curtains but also leave no residues behind. Can Hire Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane for these kind of services.

In addition to this, expert cleaners make use of chemical-free cleaning agents and the latest equipment. The reason for this is that the involvement of both agents and equipment makes the complete cleaning process effective. Therefore, calm down to call and hire professionals for curtain cleaning right this instant.

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