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Remove Tough Stains Quickly From Blinds

Blinds face all the pollutants and dust particles. If those are not cleaned at the right time, they can turn into stains and further delay in cleaning can make them tough stains. These stains attract more pollutants and dirt which cause yellow stains and brown stains which are the toughest stains on blinds. In this blog, we have come up with the best idea to clean and remove such stains and save your blinds from damage.

Removing the dirty stains from blinds is a very cumbersome process. You can do this work yourself or hire a professional for blinds tough stains removal.

remove stain from blind

How To Do This Work Yourself?

  1. Using Vacuuming method

Open the window so that you don’t injure yourself during cleaning and you can clean both sides while standing in the same place. Vacuum it properly. 

  1. Cleaning with baking soda

After vacuuming, clean it properly with a mixture of lime and baking soda. This is a very powerful mixture that can clean tough stains properly.

  1. Use soft detergent

After cleaning the stains use a soft wash or soft detergent which will clean the surface without hampering the fabric or destroying the quality of the blinds. Then, clean them with a pressure pipe with water to remove residues.

  1. Dry

Then, leave it for drying. Sunlight and air can dry most blinds within 1-2 hours. 

Following these steps, you can clean your blinds yourself. Follow all the steps and instructions wisely to get the best results. 

Despite all, hiring Blinds Tough Stains Removal services are an excellent option for treating such stains.

How do Our Professionals Clean Blinds Tough Stains

  • Clear the surface of the blinds with a high-power vacuum.
  • Use ammonium chloride and hypochlorite solution for better cleaning.
  • After applying these chemicals, our professionals will apply hot water to the blinds. 
  • Finally, dry the blinds and deodorize them as well.

it is your choice, you can clean your blinds yourself or hire a professional for Blinds Tough Stains Removal. By hiring a professional curtain cleaner in Brisbane you would be on the safer side and it will save you time and effort.

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