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Tips To Make Your Curtains Look Brand New!

There’s no denying that curtains make a room seem more finished and polished. They may brighten your day and help you relax, as well as shelter you from the sun and offer you some privacy. However, after some time, any curtain material will get soiled, faded, and even odorous. As a result, curtains must be well-cared for and maintained by being cleaned on a regular basis. If you want your drapes and curtains to endure a long time and look wonderful, you must provide them with the proper maintenance. Even if you pick the best fabric and have it produced to the correct length and colour, your curtains will grow dirty and lose their newness with time. This restriction applies to all window coverings, including curtains and blinds. We appreciate the time and attention you put into picking the ideal curtains for your home, and we’d want to help you keep them in good condition. To maintain your curtains like brand-new, go through the tips to make your curtains look brand new. 

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How to Care for Your Curtains?

Here are some curtain care tips to help your curtains last longer, including how to clean curtains, deep clean curtains, clean curtains at home, how often to wash curtains, clean curtains while hanging, and clean curtains without washing.

  • Avoid spending as much time in the sun as possible

The colours of curtains may fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight. Because of how light interacts with light, curtains made of a light colour fabric will not fade as rapidly as those made of dark colour fabric. Draw your curtains back or up during the day to delay their fading. If your curtains are made of transparent material or are designed to stay closed, reject this advice. To protect the draperies from direct sunlight, use blinds or shades. Wood blinds are a wise investment since they look great and are made to endure. Businesses that sell wood blinds to customers are likely to see this feature as a bonus.

  • Check that the curtains are the correct size

The optimum curtain length will reduce dust and debris collection. If they are too long, they will collect dirt from the floor or will be stomped on by your family or pets. Tugging on drapes that are too long may cause damage to the curtain track or curtain rods.

What Should The Length of Window Curtains Be?

Short curtains should be just at or slightly below the bottom window frame. Curtains should extend a few feet above the floor. Curtains that hang just above the floor are ideal.

Remember to only do this in a seldom-used room if you want your curtains to pool at the base of your windows. It’s a beneficial tip to make your curtains look brand new. 

  • Regular vacuuming is required to keep your draperies clean.

Dust accumulates on curtains over time, discolouring lighter textiles. If you vacuum your curtains once a month, they will be a lot easier to keep. Use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum to remove the most debris and dust from your house.

Before washing the drapes, remove any decorations or loose trims that may be removed. You should attempt to get rid of them, but if that fail, at least vacuum around them.

  • Please read the Guidelines carefully.

You can be certain that your store-bought, ready-made curtains come with care instructions. Curtains should be dry-washed if the care label specifies. If the labels say they can be washed in a washing machine, you can do it at home.

If you put dry-clean only curtains in the washing machine, they will most likely shrink or become worthless. These are the two worst-case scenarios, and both will make your curtains unusable.

  • Don’t Take Any Chances, Have Those Drapes Dry Cleaned!

Cleaning curtains is an essential part of curtain care. If you don’t know how to wash your curtains, get them dry-cleaned. Rather than taking a risk with store-bought sprays, have a professional clean your curtains.

Lined curtains should not be washed in the washing machine. It is conceivable that the curtain and liner may shrink at different speeds.

  • Machine wash on its own

To prevent causing damage to the drapes, only wash them if the care label says so. If your curtains are machine-washable, only wash them when you have a full load. Don’t load your drapes with excess clothes or other items. If you do this, any unwanted colouring on your drapes will be removed. Reading the instructions given is the best way to guarantee that your curtains come out of the washing machine looking brand new.

Before washing the curtains, make sure the fabric has been preshrinking. Make careful to remove your rings before putting them in the washer. Wash them in cold water with a mild detergent to avoid shrinking. This is an important step in maintaining the condition of your curtains. It’s good tips to make your curtains look brand new. 

  • Use gentle detergents to clean.

It is important to use gentle detergents while washing curtains, particularly if you must do it by hand or in the washing machine. Take notice of the care label and wash the item according to the instructions. Because of this, your curtains will keep their softness and lifespan.

  • Tumble-drying the curtains is not recommended.

Depending on the weather, curtains may be air-dried naturally either indoors or outdoors. Even if your curtains are made of strong materials, tumble drying them may damage them. You may wring out your curtains instead of using a dryer to eliminate extra moisture. After that, you may let them drip dry. Thicker fabrics may be ironed at a low temperature after drying. Please do not burn them!

  • Clean Your Window Treatments Using Steam

Steam cleaning is the most efficient approach for keeping drapes and curtains clean while they are still in use. Steam washing your curtains is advised since it removes any bacteria or odours that may have remained after a normal wash. If you are unsure about your ability to steam clean your curtains at home, you should call Captain curtain cleaning Brisbane professionals for get better services.


Curtains should be seen as an investment since you will most likely use them for many years. Regular care and cleaning at home are required to preserve the value of your curtain purchase. We hope you found these tips to make your curtains look brand new and attractive useful; then consider them surely.

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